The Print: American Nut Wood

American Nut Wood © Knut Skjærven
American Nut Wood © Knut Skjærven

Welcome to the first picture even made in The FRAME. It was made in September 2013 by the most celebrated frame maker in Berlin.

It is a prototype.

Hand made on specification made by the photographer. Yes, you did not know did you? So everything fits and look really great.

And it will keep its value.

All pictures come in Limited Editions. Signed and sealed and with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

The FRAME is offered only in one size only, but in two series: American Nut Wood and Black Stain Maple.

The FRAME is a new way of selling photographs.

A special site for The FRAME is  under construction and so are more pictures.

Normally, pictures are only made to order.

Stay tuned for more information or make a contact already now by using the contact form below. Or write directly to

Have a good day.

Copenhagen, November 12, 2013


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